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Published On: March 15th, 2017Categories: SEO, Website Marketing

“Build it and they will come”….uh no, not really. Here are some tips to help drive traffic to your newly launched site.

Include Unique Content
Is your content useful and informative to your particular audience?   Make sure the story you are telling includes why you are different from your competitors. What do you have to offer that sets you apart from others in your field.

Include a Video
A video can demonstrate your manufacturing process or explain how a product works. Are you attending a trade show soon? Take a video of your booth, interview your sales team, interview a happy client.

Keep Content Fresh
Keep visitors coming back by adding articles to your blog, feature a new product or service, announce promotions and events, change out photos with each season.

Establish credibility
Cite your sources, include links to outside sources and add customer reviews.  Also, make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Check for broken links
Broken links, or crawl errors, will affect your search engine ranking. There are many free tools you can use to check your site.  One that I have found reliable is

Social Media
Establish social media accounts and link them to your website.  Depending on your industry, the social media outlets will vary. Make sure your website links back to them as well.

Spread the Word
Include the website address on all marketing materials including business cards, brochures, and advertisements.  Include your website address (as a link) in as many industry related business directories as you can. Are you a member of your local chamber of commerce? Your listing should include a link to your website.

Include an XML Sitemap. This will let the search engines know which pages to index.

Register and Verify your site on Google Search Console. 

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About the Author: Carla Baldwin

Carla Baldwin
Carla is the owner of Baldwin Web Design. She is the lead developer and project manager with over twenty years of professional experience in web development and digital marketing.