How much does a website cost?

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A similar question would be: “How much does it cost to build a house?”

The builder may have a few questions for you…
Do you want a prefabricated modular house or a custom house?
Do you want low grade materials or high grade finishes?
Do you want a roof? Ha – good question…

There are many low cost options available to business owners who want a new website. Pick that answer that best suits you….

  1. Build it yourself with a free website builder.
    Hey, it’s free! What could go wrong? Let’s see… This will take some time. There is a bit of a curve to learn the software so you will spend weekends and nights fiddling with it because you are too busy during the day running your own business. It’s not like the picture but it will do, as long as your customers find you, right? Once it is built you will realize you don’t know how to start showing up in Google search results. You do some more research in your spare time and don’t understand the SEO jargon. You give up and hope for the best or you move on to choice 2.
  2. Hire a freelancer from an online directory.
    This sounds like a great alternative to Step 1. The hourly rates are cheap and they seem to have the skills. There is a bit of a language barrier and you only hear back from the developer in the middle of the night via email. You suspect the person you hired is overseas somewhere. It takes about six months but you eventually get a website. It’s not quite what you expected, there are a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes and you are still not sure you will get found on Google. A year goes by and you move on to choice 3.
  3. Hire a professional web designer.
    Now we are talking. The prices are bit higher but the guy sounds like he knows what he is doing. He spits a lot of words at you like HTML, CSS, Java-something-or-other. So you send him a deposit and wait another six months. Now you can’t get a hold of the guy. Apparently he took another job somewhere, but he says another buddy of his is going to take over the project. You hope for the best and think you should have gone directly to choice 4.
  4. Hire a professional agency with over 20 years experience and an established track record. A partner who will look out for your best interests, work with you to establish your business goals and achieve measurable results. Hey that’s us! Good call.

The relationships we have with our clients are long term. We invest the time and effort in that relationship. We want you to succeed and reach your goals. The money you invest will produce results for years to come.

We start with your business goals. Do you want to:

  • Get found on Google
  • Generate sales leads
  • Become an authority in your industry
  • Grow your audience
  • Increase customer engagement

Then we put together a plan to achieve those goals.

So, what does a website cost? It will be expensive if you waste your time and money on a site that achieves none of your business goals.

Carla Baldwin Crystal Lake Web Design

Carla is the owner of Baldwin Web Design. She is the lead developer and project manager with over twenty years of professional experience.  She is dedicated to the success of her customers, providing technical and marketing guidance with every step of the development process.

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About the Author: Carla Baldwin

Carla Baldwin
Carla is the owner of Baldwin Web Design. She is the lead developer and project manager with over twenty years of professional experience in web development and digital marketing.