website consultation.

Are you thinking about a new website project but not sure where to begin? Our Website Consulting Services will help you formulate a plan and keep the project launch on time and in budget.

1 Hour Website and Marketing Consultation

This is where we discuss your business and marketing goals and how your website can help achieve them. We will go over your budget, timeline and options available to you. This is a great starting point for the small business.

Website Discovery and RFP Writing

For larger and more complicated websites we recommend performing a Website Discovery. This is where we flush out all the requirements including design, functionality and business objectives and includes:

  • Existing website and technology audit
  • Current challenges and pain points
  • Site objectives
  • Design requirements
  • Functional requirements
  • Site architecture  – organizing existing and future content
  • Integration with any existing software (CRMs)
  • SEO improvements

The research and data provided at the end of the Discovery will define detailed requirements and features, determine technology integration specifics, and prioritize features, ensuring the greatest return on investment. This data will be used to create the deliverable of a Request for Proposal that you can then use to request bids for your project.  This allows you to get apples to apples bids, further reducing the possibility of scope creep as well as the opportunity to compare your bids for accuracy against your requirements.


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