Migrating ExpressionEngine to WordPress

We have experience in migrating large scale ExpressionEngine websites to WordPress, building a custom solution from the ground up.

There are many reasons why you may be looking to upgrade your existing ExpressionEngine website to WordPress.  It could be the slow load times, the expensive price tag and monthly charges or it may be the cumbersome administration interface.

Case Study: Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI)

Website: https://www.ibiweb.org

Project: Convert ExpressionEngine website to WordPress


ExpressionEngine site consisted of over 1000 posts/articles and 50 pages. The site structure was reorganized, articles were re-categorized and a better user work flow was implemented. Over 800 of the articles and 45 pages were migrated using our proprietary software. The entire site was redesigned with IBI’s new branding.

SEO Concerns:

An important part of the project was not to lose search engine ranking and retain metadata. All meta data was migrated with the articles. Redirection was also implemented for all URLs that were affected.



Website administration costs are down: IBI now saves time and easily maintains their website, adding articles daily, adding new content and events. The new registration systems allows for member registration, event ticketing and ecommerce.

Website hosting fees are down: The website resides on a secure, managed WordPress hosting platform.

User experience has improved.

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About the Author: Carla Baldwin

Carla Baldwin
Carla is the owner of Baldwin Web Design. She is the lead developer and project manager with over twenty years of professional experience in web development and digital marketing.