In an instance, a visitor will decide how they feel about your website and your business.  Your website is most likely the first impression they receive.  In 2017, a clean and quick website is considered the indicator to how the rest of your business will function.

Experts agree that a company website should be redesigned every 2-3 years to keep it fresh and up to date with the latest technology.  This may seem like a large investment but your website and supporting social media outlets should be the majority of your marketing budget in 2017.

Email, social, display ads, mobile and search are all growing in 2017. Companies are shifting more and more money to digital because of its R.O.I., and the ability to spend less for more return.

Entrepreneur Magazine states: “Digital marketing is vital for SMBs [small businesses] and our survey numbers bear that out,” said Simon Grabowski, GetResponse CEO and founder. “Marketers are investing accordingly, given the substantial return on investment delivered through web-based campaigns.” According to GetResponse, 70 percent of small to medium sized businesses said they will increase their digital/web-based marketing budgets this year. Furthermore, SMB marketing statistics available from 2016 indicate that 62 percent of small businesses are investing 4 percent or more of their revenue in marketing.

BrightLocal conducted an insightful piece of research into the attitudes toward and usage of Digital Marketing by SMBs. Key findings include:

  • The average SMB spends $400/month on marketing.
  • SMBs spend on average 46 percent of their marketing budget on digital marketing.
  • 78 percent of SMBs think that mobile marketing is an important channel for their business.

Google is constantly changing their search algorithms.  What worked for you in the past may not be working for you now.  I often hear from clients “I used to be on the first page but have dropped off in the last year.”  That is because Google is now rewarding sites for different reasons than it used to and penalizing sites for tricks that may have worked years ago.

Still not sure?  I have some questions for you:

Has it been over 3 years since you last updated your site?  If so, this is a good indicator to start seriously considering a refresh.

Is your website responsive (Mobile-Friendly) ?  In 2016, we saw an increasing number of people using tablets and mobile devices instead of desktop computers to browse the internet. On average, the combined number of mobile and tablet users finally surpassed the number of desktop users globally and the upwards trend is still continuing.

Is your website intuitive and user-friendly?  Can your users (potential customers) find the information they are seeking quickly and easily.  Is your contact information including the phone number prominently displayed.

Are you still using Adobe Flash for anything on your site?  Adobe Flash is no longer supported by Apple – need I say more?

Are you using social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) ?  I hope you are!

It may seem a little daunting, but that is where we come in.  We will make the process easy – that is what we do.

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