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Published On: September 20th, 2018Categories: Manufacturing Industrial Website Design

“Do I need a blog?”

It is a common question we are asked by manufacturing companies. YES, you do! Don’t think of it as the same as a self-help or recipe blog. You have important information to get out to your audience (current and future clients) and a blog is a great way to organize and distribute that information.

Here a few reasons to start blogging:

  1. Increase Customer Engagement: Your customers have questions about your products and services. Keep your visitors up to date on your company information as well as what’s going on in the industry as a whole. This will also increase the time visitors spend on your site and increase SEO rankings.
  2. Increase Site Traffic:  Writing articles that contain useful information for your audience is considered quality content by Google. Google will see you as an “Authority” in your industry the more useful and diverse information you post and your rankings will improve.
  3. Increase Conversions: Visitors are more likely to complete the contact form and pick up the phone when they view the brand and company as a trusted source of information.

Blogging Tips

  1. Use Images and Videos. Relevant visual elements will increase readership.
  2. Social Media Integration. Post a blurb or teaser of the article on LinkedIn and link it back to your site to read the full article
  3. Make articles “Shareable”. Utilize widgets and scripts on your site that allow one-click sharing across social media outlets.
  4. Include Keywords and Phrases. Make sure you including keywords for your products and services in the title, headings and body of the post.

Ideas for Your Manufacturing Blog

  • Product Case Study – A real life example of how your product is being used. Add a video for even more impact.
  • New Rules or Regulations – Industry rules changing? Be one of the first to announce it.
  • How To Video or Infographic – Installation instructions and preventative maintenance are great topics for a How To
  • Answer a Commonly Asked Question – You are the expert!
  • Upcoming Event – Attending a trade show or conference? Don’t forget to take pictures.
  • Repost – Repost an interesting article you read. Make sure you cite the source.
  • New Hire – Brag about your growing company. Visitors like to meet the team.
  • New Technology – Something in the news that affects your industry? Be the source for your audience.

I hope this information and tips have swayed you to start writing. We love sharing useful marketing information with our Manufacturing clients.

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Carla Baldwin
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