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With many different hosting sites available to choose from, it can become an overwhelming decision to find the best one suited for your business. We want to help guide you in the right direction, so we have compiled some things to consider when searching for the best platform to manage your online shops. Our biggest tip for you is to find a hosting provider with great reviews, fast site speed and reliable performance.

Site Speed
Nothing will kill your sale faster than a slow loading site. Having great site performance is so important in the eCommerce industry. It’s crucial to have fast site speed. If your site takes forever to load products and images, that does not look good to your customers. Most of the time they will click off immediately and it makes your brand look untrustworthy.

Site Security
Having an SSL certificate installed on your site is critical. Some hosting providers offer this as part of their managed WordPress accounts. This tells your customers your site is safe and secure as they will be inputting credit card and other personal information. Google also likes when sites have an SSL certificate installed on a site, another reason not to miss this important step.

SEO Rankings
Did you know Google looks at site speed when it does online website ranking? You can increase your SEO rankings among Google with faster site speed, which is great!! A better SEO ranking means more customers and views on your website, and what business owner doesn’t love the sound of that? More views could mean more money in the long run.

Increased Revenue
Combine fast site speed and increased SEO rankings and you will get an increase in sales. It’s the perfect combination for growing your business year after year! Your clients will take note of your site’s fast and effective performance and continue to come back to shop with your brand because of it. Don’t underestimate the power of fast loading times.

These are many things you should consider when shopping around for the best hosting site services. Strive for your website to provide the best user-experience possible. Read reviews and make sure that platform has what it takes to build you a super fast and effective online presence.

Here at Baldwin Web Design, we know exactly how important fast load times and reliable performance is for eCommerce websites. Give us a call to schedule a website consultation. We are happy to answer your questions and learn more about your web design needs.

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Carla Baldwin
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