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Carla Baldwin Crystal Lake Web Design

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Carla Baldwin is the owner of Baldwin Web Design. She is the lead developer and project manager with over twenty years of professional experience. She is dedicated to the success of her customers, providing technical and marketing guidance with every step of the development process.


How We Work

Define the Strategy
The process starts with requirements gathering.  We find out, not only who you are and what you do, but who your audience is and how to best convert that audience into customers. Who is your ideal customer, how old are they, what is their income level, what is their technical level? These are a few of the questions we ask so we can craft a message that accurately reflects your business and allows you to connect to your audience.

Create Quality Content
Getting your website seen is part of the development process.  We do the research to identify high value converting keywords based on your business, industry and competition level.  We then create quality content as well as back-end coding based on the keyword selection.  Images are optimized and tagged.

Design and Develop
We design clean and modern interfaces that are properly structured, carefully coded and fully optimized for search engine visibility. All of our websites are created using the latest practices in mobile-friendly, responsive web design (RWD).

Target Your Audience with Social Media Marketing
We research and define a social media marketing strategy that targets your specific audience. We create the content and post to the most effective social media outlets to generate the highest return on investment.

Optimize Your Site for Google
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is built into your site from the beginning. We conduct keyword research and create content for the most effective search results. SEO is an on going process and requires readjusting based on the ever changing search engine algorithms,  electronic devices and your competition.  We access the data from analytics and adjust accordingly to keep your site fresh and competitive.

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