Every one of our website projects starts with an assessment. We research how your website is performing now, what is working and what is not. We then create a strategy to get you where you want to be.

1. Technology Assessment

We look at the what you have going on under the hood including:

  • Hosting platform
  • Website speed
  • Security
  • CMS Platform
  • Plugins

2. Design Assessment

We evaluate the overall design and user experience and how it is currently meeting your goals. We look at things like:

  • Branding consistency
  • Navigation
  • Quality of images
  • Workflow
  • Mobile device performance
  • Overall ease of use

3. Search Engine Ranking (SEO) Audit

In order to improve your search engine rankings we first have to evaluate your current situation. This is a basic SEO audit that includes the following:

  • Main keyword rankings
  • Identify competition and their rankings
  • Google Search Console data
  • Google Analytics data
  • Conversion data

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