We specialize in website design and development for manufacturing and industrial companies. Historically, marketing for industrial and manufacturing companies was focused on traditional sales, trade shows, and print ads in industry publications. Websites were an afterthought and not a priority. Today manufacturing companies are realizing that their website can be a major component in their marketing plan.

Recent Manufacturing, Industrial and Commercial Website Projects

Elements of a great manufacturing website

Clear Navigation
The site should be designed with an intuitive menu structure. Manufacturing/industrial type companies have deep content that needs careful organization. Content can include products, each containing multiple images, detailed specifications, application description and documents for download. Technical and customer support information should be easy to find.

Professional Photography
I cannot stress enough the impact of professional photography. Equipment, products, team members all should be high quality, professionally shot images.

Responsive Data Tables
Typically manufacturing and industrial website are heavy with data and often needs to be organized in tables. Tables should be responsive and dynamic based on the user’s device size.

Request for Quote Forms
Easy to use and find request for quote forms will increase conversions. Form data can be stored and integrated with SalesForce or other existing sales tracking software.

Use of Video
Tell your story with video to engage users, whether it is about the company itself or a product demo.

GDPR Compliance
The new data protection regulation came into effect in May of 2018 and covers the personal data of any EU resident. Any company that has employees, suppliers or customers in Europe must comply with the regulation. Any company that processes data from Europe (a US manufacturing company with customers or requests for quote from the EU) will also need to comply with the regulation. Find out more on how to comply with GDPR.

Social Media Integration
Using social media to promote your manufacturing business is a must today and integrating your website and social media accounts will increase visitors and followers.

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